Installing LED Lights is an Investment decision that has a number of pitfalls.

WINGOLD ILLUMINATION has researched the market and has developed certain criteria that need to be examined in selecting an LED Light Supplier and Installer.
Wingold’s offering addresses all these criteria, and more.As with any Investment, price is not the only measurement of value.

Value must be determined by assessing the:

  • quality of the product (long life, lux levels, Colour Rendition),
  • warranty offered,
  • design capabilities including forecast of lux levels based on different LED Lights,
  • spares and replacement availability,
  • back up service,
  • installation expertise, safety and environmental issues and
  • Certification of both product and installation.

The Return on Investment must also be maximised by taking into account all available rebates and benefits offered.

Each of these criteria are summarised hereunder:

  1. Quality of the Products WINGOLD ILLUMINATION has investigated many suppliers from around the world as well as in South Africa. The suppliers that have been selected all meet the criteria that are detailed hereunder. Further, the products have been selected based on the satisfying the requirements of our clients. This includes ensuring that required light levels (lux levels) are obtained from the products recommended.
  2. Warranty Offered The warranties that are provided by our partners vary from between 2 to 5 years, depending on the product and the use thereof. Each proposal generated for a client provides full details of the Warranties and the terms thereof.
  3. Design capabilities include the presentation of Dialux or Relux drawings that will show the projected lux levels that can be expected by using different LED Lights. This enables the client to make informed decisions on the lighting to be used as well as ensuring that OHSAT (Occupational Health and Safety regulations) minimum lux levels are achieved.
  4. Spares Availability WINGOLD ILLUMINATION ensures that it maintains a stock holding of all LED Lights that it offers. Furthermore, a stock of spares and components is also maintained. This ensures that a client is not “left” waiting for the solution to “work” when an unforeseen problem occurs.
  5. Back Up Service Wingold is a committed Customer Focussed organisation. This is evidenced by its customer base and the fact that clients are repeat users of our services.
  6. Installation Expertise All installations required by WINGOLD are carried out by accredited Electrical Contractors. They are fully accredited with all relevant Regulatory Bodies and have the relevant safety, security and environmental certification required. A Certificate of Compliance is issued after the final installation of the LED Lighting solution.
  7. Certification All products sold and installed by WINGOLD have the relevant Certifications (or have applied for such Certifications). Other certifications that may be required by NRCS, SANS or other regulatory bodies have or will be obtained prior to installation. Only products that have been approved by all relevant technical organisations in South Africa are provided to customers.
  8. Product Selection The LED and other lighting products that are supplied by WINGOLD ILLUMINATION are sourced from national and international suppliers. Where specific expertise is required for certain lighting, WINGOLD ILLUMINATION has ensured that the supplier is a specialist in the field concerned. The detail of the products supplied depends on the requirements of each particular customer.

Products available include the following, which all have varying wattages, lux levels, colour, lighting angles and fittings.

  • Down Lights
  • Ceiling Lights
  • LED Tubes (Fluorescents)
  • PAR Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Bulbs
  • High Bay Lights
  • Low Bay Lights (including Canopy Lights)
  • Strip Lighting
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Lighting
  • Signage Lighting

Should a customer have any specific needs not shown above, these are sourced from the relevant supplier.