• Assessing the business operations and processes as they relate to energy consumption.
  • This also entails a walk through check of energy consuming assets for apparent and obvious energy wasting conditions.
  • Assessment of energy consumption and an analysis of the equipment/departments consumption
  • Measurement of lux (lighting) environment and ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and SABS standards
  • Evaluation of electricity account and tariffs being charged to the client (whether by landlord, Eskom or councils).


Recommendations for LED Lighting to replace existing lighting are made. Savings that can be achieved, as well as a Return on Investment based on possible financing options that may be available, are provided.   

Where required, Wingold will propose a Lighting Design based on the recommended LED Lights.   



Trial lights are installed once the client wishes to proceed to a final  evaluation phase of the project. This enables the client to assess the  potential that will be achieved in terms of the Lighting Environment.  (Colour rendition, and actual colour as well as lux levels).


Pure Sine Wave Inverters are supplied to provide backup power during load shedding as well as to provide protection to key equipment and systems.These range in size from
600w to 10kW. These products are SABS Approved and tested. Solar battery charging is
optional (Panels supplied).



It has become apparent that business owners are not taking advantage of the substantial savings that are available to them by upgrading their lighting to LED. These savings reflect on their electricity accounts and offer an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

Whether this reluctance is a result of the amount of the investment or a lack of understanding of how the savings accrue, the net result is wasted overhead and cash flow.

Wingold Illumination is now able to offer its clients a method of taking advantage of the savings available with almost NO CAPITAL OUTLAY from the client.