It has become apparent that business owners are not taking advantage of the substantial savings that are available to them by upgrading their lighting to LED. These savings reflect on their electricity accounts and offer an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

Whether this reluctance is a result of the amount of the investment or a lack of understanding of how the savings accrue, the net result is wasted overhead.

Wingold Illumination is now able to offer its clients a method of taking advantage of the savings available with
almost NO CAPITAL OUTLAY from the client.

Methodology of this Offer:

Wingold Illumination will first perform a free and no obligation assessment of the business premises. This assessment will provide an analysis of the existing lighting in use and its cost to the client.

A detailed proposal of what LED Lights are proposed to replace the existing lights will be drafted and presented to the client. This proposal will show the calculated savings in electricity consumption and the calculated cost of electricity with the LED Lights. The anticipated savings in maintenance charges is also calculated.

Financing Option
Wingold Illumination will provide the option of financing the upgrade by detailing the Savings ratio that is applied. The financing offered is in the form of Sharing the Savings that will be achieved, between the Client and Wingold Illumination.

Trial Lights
If the client is interested in continuing the investigation Wingold Illumination will firstly arrange to install various “trial” lights. This will enable the client to assess the lighting environment that has been recommended to ensure that all OHSAT requirements are met and that the client is happy with the lighting.

Metering of Consumption
Wingold will also arrange to install meters that will measure the base line of the lighting consumption using the “old” technology lighting. This base line will form the control of the savings calculations that will be performed monthly in the calculation of the savings sharing.

Approval and Implementation
Once all of the above have been agreed, Wingold Illumination will provide all the lights for the project. The client may use his electrical contractors or Wingold Illumination will appoint its contractor.

Shared Savings
On a monthly basis Wingold Illumination will arrange for the meters to be read (if client has agreed to installation) and will submit an account for its share of the savings achieved on the LED Lighting.

Bank Loan Finance
It is also possible to assist in securing Bank Loan finance for the client. Wingold facilitates the administration between the Bank and the client and determines that the repayments are within an acceptable range.