This is the showcase of the Total Umhlanga Rocks, LED Lighting Project.
A complete upgrade of all lighting to LED, both inside the shop as well as on the forecourt.
Photos showing Before and After the project.
LED Lights Used

150w LED Canopy Lights replaced 400w Metal Halide

15w Ceiling Lights replaced 2 x PL26 26w Bulbs (The 8inch 15w Ceiling Light has been replaced with a 30w LED Light)

38w Shop Lights replaced 2 x PL26 26w Bulbs and 70w Halide Spot Light

5w Down Lights GU10 replaced 50w Halogen lights

LED Tubes replaced fluorescent tubes

Savings achieved covered the electricity cost of a NEW coffee shop (Mugg & Bean) erected inside the shop.

The Lux level on the forecourt at the Pumps was approximately 100 lux and is now well over 650 lux.

The Lux levels in the shop were approximately 175 lux and are now over 500 lux creating a brighter more secure and comfortable shopping experience for customers. Products are far more visible and attractive.

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